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Open link anonymously with

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 0.7 - 3.0a1 ALL

Notes / Comments: IF YOU NEED HELP, POST ON THE HOMEPAGE NOT HERE! I CAN'T RESPOND TO INDIVIDUALS LEAVING COMMENTS HERE!*******************11-2-06 Updated max version as others have told me it works. If you have problems please visit the extension's homepage to let me know.*******************Usage: Install, Restart BrowserRight click a link (Must be "http://" type link) and select "Open with Anonymouser" or "Open with Anonymouser in New Tab"Will open... unfortunately with an advertisement. You can use greasemonkey and one of my scripts found here: will be the last update for this extension.If anybody would like to continue to develop this extension then please feel free to. All I ask is that I am kept on the main developer list in the "About" and given credits on the new homepage.****************************See homepage for more information:

Category Categories: Navigation, Privacy and Security, Web Annoyances, Website Integration

Download Anonymouser [Firefox plugin] Install: Anonymouser



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