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Adds Aspell spell checking to the context menu. Left click in any text box and select AspellFox from the context menu. You can also select text in a text box and run aspellfox on the selected text. You need to have Aspell and a Aspell dictionary. Install instructions for windows:1. Download and install Aspell from: link to installer: Download and install precompiled Aspell dictionaries from: link to the English dictionary: Install extension and restart firefox. AspellFox is now ready to use. Install instructions for GNU/Linux:0. Your distribution probably already has Aspell included. 1. Debian: apt-get install aspell Gentoo: emerge aspell && emerge aspell-en2. Install extension and restart firefox.

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.0 - 1.6 ALL

Notes / Comments: I have no plans for making Aspellfox for firefox 2.0 since firefox 2.0 already has a good built-in spell checker!

Category Categories: Editing and Forms

Download AspellFox [Firefox plugin] Install: AspellFox

AspellFox preview

Aspellfox in action.:
Aspellfox in action.



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