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Backgroundimage Saver

Backgroundimage Saver is a quite simple extension that provides help for an annoying technique that can be found on more and more pages. That is to hide images behind a transparent gif to protect them against being saved. Examplepages that use this can be found (just try to save any bookpage that is displayed after selecting a book) (same here with any larger images that are displayed) Because since these pages place a transparent gif on top of the real graphic you can't just right-click an image and select "Save Image As..." because then you would just save the transparent gif (which is probably not what you want ;-)).So this simple extension just adds a 'Save Background Image' option to the right click context menu which does the trick.Furthermore it is helpful if you want to be able to directly save the backgroundimage, since Firefox does not offer this option by default.

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.5 - 2.0.0.* ALL

Notes / Comments: The plugin does work on or if you prevent the disabling of the context-menu by javascript.How to do this is described on my homepage but you do not need any marklet to achieve this.It does indeed not work on since they use a different approach (several divs) to prevent storing of their images.I might consider changes in a future version.And as always everyone is responsible for himself in deciding how to use this plugin.It does not encourage anybody to violate copyright regulations in any form.

Category Categories: Download Tools, Image Browsing

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Backgroundimage Saver:
Backgroundimage Saver



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