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The blueorganizer is smart browsing and personalization technology for Firefox. It makes the browser aware of everyday objects like books, movies, wines, restaurants and much more. The blueorganizer helps you automatically collect these object from many popular sites, manage them and instantly find related information. A handy sidebar adds an entirely new layer to 'bluemarked' sites and products, providing one-click access to product reviews, tag searches, related sites and more. All your data is securely stored on Amazon S3 and is automatically synchronized between all your computers. The blueorganizer takes us all one step closer to the promise of semantic web and ultimate productivity.

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.5 - 2.0.0.* ALL

Notes / Comments: New BlueOrganizer 3.2 is now available on http://www.adaptiveblue.comWe look forward to your feedback! Please send emails to and checkout our blog:http://blog.adaptiveblue.comAdaptiveBlue Team

Category Categories: Bookmarks, Entertainment, Image Browsing, Navigation, News Reading, Search Tools, Web Annoyances

Download BlueOrganizer [Firefox plugin] Install: BlueOrganizer

BlueOrganizer preview

blueorganizer smart browsing extension:
blueorganizer smart browsing extension

find related information online:
find related information online

bluemark objects by simply highlighting the title:
bluemark objects by simply highlighting the title

Embed bluebadges into google desktop, myspace, blogs and websites:
Embed bluebadges into google desktop, myspace, blogs and websites

Share your picks via RSS:
Share your picks via RSS

electronics collection:
electronics collection

restaurant collection:
restaurant collection

book bluemark:
book bluemark

movie bluemark:
movie bluemark

wine bluemark:
wine bluemark




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