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Broadband Speed Test and Diagnostics

This extension adds an item called 'Broadband Speed Test and Diagnostics' to the Tools Menu in FireFox. It performs the following tasks:- Display your public IP address and your public domain name- Perform download and upload speed testsIf you have troubles with your broadband connection, it can:- Troubleshoot and isolate problems by performing a couple of diagnostic tests (NIC card, local gateway, DHCP server, DNS server, web site)- Display local IP configurations (private IP address, MAC address, default gateway, DNS server, DHCP server, routing table, ARP table, active connections)The diagnostic and configuration display features only work on Windows

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.5 - 2.0.0.* Windows

Notes / Comments: Thanks for your comments and support. Bandwidtth tends to fluctuate depending on how many people are on the net. It will almost NEVER be as much as your ISP advertises. The diagnostics and configuration display only work on Windows (tested on XP and 2000).If you have trouble using this extension or your speedtest result is not what you expected, please post your questions/comments on the support forum:

Category Categories: Developer Tools, Download Tools, Miscellaneous

Download Broadband Speed Test and Diagnostics [Firefox plugin] Install: Broadband Speed Test and Diagnostics

Broadband Speed Test and Diagnostics preview

Broadband Speed Test and Diagnostics:
Broadband Speed Test and Diagnostics

Diagnostic Test Result:
Diagnostic Test Result



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