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Check4Change (aka C4C) is a simple extension that allows you to periodically check a web-page for updates.Have you ever found yourself pressing the reload button frantically, waiting for something in the web page to change?Well reload no further! with C4C you'll just mark the relevant text, set a time interval (e.g. every 1 minute), and you're done! Usage:1. Select the text you want monitored for updates.2. Right-Click. On the Check4Change context menu, select the time interval. The tab icon will indicate this page is being monitored by changing to C4C.That's it! Sit back, and wait for the notifications, which include: * Little dancing C4C letters in the tab icon. Clicking the tab indicates you've seen it, and the icon changes back to the original.* Pop-up alert notification.* Sound notification. Can you make out who it is?Note: C4C currently only works with open tabs. It does not continue to monitor tabs that have closed, nor does it remember running jobs between FireFox restarts. These features will be implemented in an upcoming release.

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.5 - 2.0.0.* ALL

Notes / Comments: As this is my first extension, I'd really like to hear all the comments and suggestions you might have.Please use the Feedback link in the context menu. Or go directly to :

Category Categories: Miscellaneous, Navigation, News Reading, Tabbed Browsing

Download Check4Change [Firefox plugin] Install: Check4Change

Check4Change preview

Tab icons show which pages are monitored.:
Tab icons show which pages are monitored.




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