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Close Tab On Double Click

This extension adds doubleclick functionality to tabs. When a tab is doubleclicked, that tab will close. Middle clicking on a tab still closes the tab too, but this function can now be used for other functionality, if desired.For Firefox 1.0 and higher use Tab Clicking Options to close a tab on double click. Tab Clicking Options supersedes Close Tab On Double Click

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 0.8 - 0.10 ALL

Notes / Comments: For Firefox 1.0 and higher, please use Tab Clicking Options (TCO) instead of this extension.Close Tab On Double Click has been superseded by TCOTo set TCO to close a tab on double click open the settings dialog and set the double click action on a tab to "Close Tab" as in this screenshot:

Category Categories: Tabbed Browsing

Download Close Tab On Double Click [Firefox plugin] Install: Close Tab On Double Click



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