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DictCn is an online English to Chinese (and vise versa) dictionary extension for Firefox.It is a handy real-time language tool with audio support.Usage:To use DictCN, simply hover the mouse (coming with 3.0) upon the word you want to translate , or select it (drag or double-click to highlight the word), the translation (pronunciation and explanation) will show up soon in a layer on the same web page.You may click on the 'D' icon on the status-bar to activate and deactivate DictCN (color of the icon changes correspondingly). You may also press ctrl-alt-d short-key to do the job.By Moving the mouse over the translation, you can hear the speech, and a click on it will bring you to the detailed explanation page.

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.5 - 2.0.0.* ALL

Notes / Comments: If you like this extension, or have found bugs and have any questions, please feel free to comments here or visit website. You may also reach me through you very much, have fun. Special thanks to galanga for your kind help.If you encounter problem like the translation is 'Not Found' all the time, try update to the latest version and,1)Disable DictCn2)Open "about:config" in your browser3)Change the value of "extensions.dictcn.dictcn-server" to ""4)Re-enable DictCn and try to look up some wordsIf you encounter problem like firefox crash with error in NPPL3260.DLL, please see--> by galanga:By following the steps detailed in, it solves the crash problem. The plugin v3.0 works fine (including sound for english words).So, if others users have same problem, update RealPlayer to 10.5 and install "Modified plugin".

Category Categories: Languages, Website Integration

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