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Diigo Toolbar for Firefox

** Add persistent highlights and sticky notes to anywhere on any webpage** Server-based, so you can see them on any PC connected to Internet** Integrated with tagging and full-text search to provide a great personal productivity/research tool** Share findings and thoughts with friends and colleagues - a great collaborative tool** Fully customizable -- takes as little screen space as you would like** "Top 10 Research Tools" "A Research Tool that Rocks!" - recommended highly By CNet, Techcrunch, Search Engine Watch and many others

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.0 - 2.0.0.* ALL

Notes / Comments: We do not push out new features without testing. But no software is completely bug-free under all possible environments and potential extension conflicts. The preferred place to post bug reports is at the interactive forum ******************************* where the developers can interact with you to find out more about your bug situations.Please be considerate to the developers who are breaking their butts and offering this great service for free, which already attracted tons of happy users.Support for Mac is not fully tested.

Category Categories: Blogging, Bookmarks, Contacts, Miscellaneous, Navigation, Search Tools, Website Integration, XUL Applications

Download Diigo Toolbar for Firefox [Firefox plugin] Install: Diigo Toolbar for Firefox

Diigo Toolbar for Firefox preview

Hightlight & Sticky Note:
Hightlight & Sticky Note

Bookmark to Diigo, Delicious, Furl....:
Bookmark to Diigo, Delicious, Furl....

Customizable search toolbar:
Customizable search toolbar



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