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English (Australian) Dictionary

Are you sick of all your favo-U-rite colo-U-rful language being marked incorrect? Me too. Live no more in the world of crazy American spelling - get the Australian English Dictionary :)

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 2.0 - 2.0.0.* ALL SeaMonkey 1.1 - 1.1.* ALL Thunderbird 2.0a1 - 2.0.0.* ALL

Notes / Comments: Please be aware that this dictionary WILL NOT WORK with Fx or Tb 1.5.0.* (use Help -> About Firefox to check what version you are using.) If you are using an earlier version of Thunderbird, you can download more dictionaries through Tools -> Options -> Composition -> Spelling -> Download More Dictionaries.Currently free support is not available - paid support is available at AUS$100 per second.Distributed under the GNU General Public License - see license.txt for more details.

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Download English (Australian) Dictionary [Firefox plugin] Install: English (Australian) Dictionary



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