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Facebook Toolbar

Integrate your Facebook life into your browser.Search Facebook from anywhereThe Search Box allows you to easily search Facebook no matter where you are. Select a friend from the dropdown to go directly to their profile, or hit "enter" to see the search results.Get NotifiedIcons on the toolbar tell you how many new pokes, friend requests, and messages you have. A pop-up will notify you when your friends update their statuses, write a new note or interact with you on Facebook.Connect with FriendsClick the icon to open the Facebook friends sidebar. You can sort your friends by name or status and easily interact with them and their profiles.Share ContentThe share button lets you share the page that you are currently browsing by sending it to friends or posting it to your profile.

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.5 - 2.0.0.* ALL

Notes / Comments: some speedups for users with lots of pending friend requests, hide some superfluous notifications (such as when you come back after being disconnected for extended periods of time), fix spacing on mac firefox 1.5, make customize toolbar a bit more useable if you are logged in and the notification icons are hidden

Category Categories: Contacts, Entertainment, Search Tools, Website Integration

Download Facebook Toolbar [Firefox plugin] Install: Facebook Toolbar

Facebook Toolbar preview

Facebook Toolbar:
Facebook Toolbar

Search Facebook from anywhere:
Search Facebook from anywhere

Get notified:
Get notified

Connect with friends:
Connect with friends

Share content:
Share content



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