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Firefox Google Bookmarks

Creates a menu to access google bookmarks from any computer. Needs Google Account to use this extension. - Version 0.2.1 which works with Firefox 2.0 is released on the website1. Added the ability to import or add Firefox Bookmarks to Google Bookmarks2. Added the ability to Sort by Date and title3. Added Context Menu buttonsSEE THE DEVELOPER COMMENTS BELOW.

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.5 - 2.0.0.* ALL

Notes / Comments: PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU GET ANY ERRORS. PLEASE DO NOT POST HERE AS I DON'T KNOW THE EXACT ERROR AND CANNOT RESOLVE IT. You can find my email id on the home page. Before Installation:LEGAL ISSUES:* THIS IS NO WAY AFFILIATED WITH GOOGLE AND GOOGLE DOESN'T ENDORSE IT. SO, INSTALL IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.* I AM NOT HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DATA LOSS OR ANY DAMAGE DUE TO THIS EXTENSION.* IF GOOGLE MAKES ANY CHANGES, THIS MAY NOT FUNCTION PROPERLY. * IT MAY SO HAPPEN THAT THIS EXTENSION MAY BE DISCONTINUED AT ANY POINT. I WON'T BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT.REQUIREMENTS:* You should have Google Account to access Google Bookmarks and use this extension. You can create a new google account at * You need internet connection and a computer :):):)USAGE:* You can save your bookmarks to ONLY ONE account in this version. Accessing multiple accounts may not be feasible in Firefox. * It ALWAYS picks the account you are logged into (no matter what account you gave in extension's preferences or options) for the same reason said above. So, be careful if you use 2 accounts as the bookmarks may go to either of your accounts based on the login.* This is the first version and may need lot of improvement. So, let me know if you encounter any bugs.TODO:* In the next version, interface for importing your existing firefox bookmarks to google bookmarks will be provided. So, please wait until then.* Keyboard and context menu shortcuts* Please mail me if you have ANY OTHER feature requests.

Category Categories: Bookmarks, Humor, Kiosk Browsing, Navigation, Web Annoyances

Download Firefox Google Bookmarks [Firefox plugin] Install: Firefox Google Bookmarks

Firefox Google Bookmarks preview

Google Bookmarks Menu:
Google Bookmarks Menu

Google Bookmarks Menu:
Google Bookmarks Menu



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