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FoxFon, a lightweight and elegant phone plugin, makes Firefox a speaking friend in your online life.With FoxFon you can call your friends in a way similar to the SkypeOut service.The major FoxFon advantage is that it allows you to make calls straight from web browser, without having to launch additional programs.Calls are free to over 100 countries in a test mode. In a live mode, FoxFon enables you to make inexpensive long-distance calls around the world.By using the “tell a friend” link, you can easily invite friends to try FoxFon - they will always be able to phone you when they are online.Additionally, the call history is available via an intuitive interface - you will never loose an important phone number again.Your comments and suggestions will help us to better understand, which features to implement first and to make changes, which will make FoxFon even more convenient to use. You can discuss FoxFon features in our blog at or just send us your feedback. We will greatly appreciate any contribution you can make into the development of the project.

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.5 - 2.0.0.* Windows

Notes / Comments: Version for Windows, Linux version is comingPlease provide your suggestions!

Category Categories: Contacts

Download FoxFon [Firefox plugin] Install: FoxFon

FoxFon preview

FoxFon :: Phone Plugin for Firefox:
FoxFon :: Phone Plugin for Firefox



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