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Galleropa is a Firefox extension that allows you to group web sites together into "galleries". Galleries make tasks like paying bills, travel planning, performing sales demonstrations, reviewing company metrics, etc. more efficient. Galleropa also allows you to share your galleries with others (business colleagues, family, friends, etc). When saving a gallery you can rename the tabs so that the tab names are more intuitive to you and your audience (e.g. Sales Pipeline, Hot Issues, etc.) In essence, you can create your own custom portal from existing applications to keep private or share with others. The optional Galleropa anchor tab (the left most tab) allows for easy access to your galleries to flip back and forth between them as needed. The set up guide and user guide can be found here:

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.0 - 2.0.0.* ALL

Notes / Comments: You can download the set up guide and user guide at the following location:

Category Categories: Bookmarks, Kiosk Browsing, Miscellaneous, Navigation, Search Tools, Tabbed Browsing, Website Integration

Download Galleropa [Firefox plugin] Install: Galleropa

Galleropa preview

Galleropa Account:
Galleropa Account

Submit Gallery Screen (from Bookmarks Menu):
Submit Gallery Screen (from Bookmarks Menu)

Browser Screen Shot with Tabs and Galleropa Tab:
Browser Screen Shot with Tabs and Galleropa Tab

Galleropa Anchor Tab with Custom Tab Gallery:
Galleropa Anchor Tab with Custom Tab Gallery



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