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This extension allows you to use your Gmail Space (2.8 GB and growing) for file storage. It acts as an online drive, so you can upload files from your hard drive and access them from every Internet capable system. The interface will make your Gmail account look like a FTP host.After the installation, you'll get an option called "Gspace" in your "Tools" menu, which opens the GSpace window.It's great for storing/sharing files with your friends. Also very good to backup photos and music files (as you can view/listen to them from Gspace).If you have any problems with the extension, please look at the FAQ page ( If your question is not listed or the solution doesn't apply to your specific question, please email the current developer (tnarik).

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.5 - 2.0.0.* ALL

Notes / Comments: FF and broke the extension (a bug has been filed and it's being fixed).A new Gspace version (0.5.5) has already been released at (the extension homepage).What to do? * Please disable "NoScript" extension (if you use it) while using this extension as there is a conflict with "NoScript". * After installation, click on "GSpace" from the "Tools" menu. A new tab will be opened with GSpace window. * Enter your user name and password to login. The remote view will remain empty until you login. Once you login into the system, the remote view should say "gs:/" in the textbox. * Select the folder or file you wish to add and click the "Upload" button (the right arrow). That's all. Your files will be uploaded to your account. Similarly, the files or folder can also be downloaded. * There is a button called "Filter" which filters the files based on the filesize. When enabled, it shows only the files less than 10 MB as the max attachment size is 10 MB in Gmail.LEGAL ISSUES: * THIS IS NO WAY AFFILIATED WITH GOOGLE AND GOOGLE DOESN'T ENDORSE IT. SO, INSTALL IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. * I AM NOT HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY FILE LOSS OR ANY DAMAGE DUE TO THIS EXTENSION. * IF GOOGLE MAKES ANY CHANGES TO GMAIL, THIS MAY NOT FUNCTION PROPERLY. Usage:* Do not upload/download many files in a single day. You may get your account blocked for 24 houres. It seems this happens if more thatn 1GB of data is transferred in a single day.* The best thing is to upload files and folders that are NOT critical. Anyway, since file is available as an attachment on an e-mail, they will always be available through the Gmail interface, and they should be as safe as your e-mails.* Creating a new user account is highly recommended because that won't affect your regular account.

Category Categories: Download Tools, Entertainment, Image Browsing, Kiosk Browsing, Miscellaneous, Web Annoyances, XUL Applications

Download Gspace [Firefox plugin] Install: Gspace

Gspace preview

main window where the files can be uploaded or downloaded.:
main window where the files can be uploaded or downloaded.

main window where the files can be uploaded or downloaded.:
main window where the files can be uploaded or downloaded.



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