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Displays Geolocation information for a website using data. Works with all versions of FirefoxHow it works: Displays IP Trace information when you hover the mouse over a hyperlink, and the IP will show with the country and city the site is from. -Great for finding phishing scams---------------------------------------------- The development team for this extension is currently creating locales for this extension. If you would like to help translate, it would be greatly appreciated.---------------------------------------------Please leave comments about what should be changed and if you can help fix problems please send them to me.

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.0 - 3.0a3 ALL SeaMonkey 1.0 - 1.5a ALL

Notes / Comments: Works with all versions of Firefox. Java runtime environment is required for the extension.How it works: Displays IP Trace information when you hover over a link.Please go to http://www.hostip.infoif you have patches or new features for the extension submit them to: source@hostip.infoAny suggestions? If you do go to the forum @ report yours and other's IP adresses with the "correct" location. Or to just report the correct locations of webpages.Remember the more you use it and report the "correct" IP's the more accurate and over all better it becomes, e.g. no more "unknown cities".

Category Categories: Miscellaneous, Navigation, Privacy and Security, Website Integration

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