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Notes / Comments: Hi!Thank you for looking at Hyperwords!Please visit our site (link to 'The Hyperwords Company' on top of this page) for User Guides, news, pre-release versions and more.This is just the start. Help us shape the next versions of Hyperwords, we are VERY INTERESTED in your comments and concerns. Please tell us what you think and what you'd like. Hyperwords is free, but we want it to be as great as possible. Hyperwords tracks the amount of times different commands have been used (though never tracks what words or pages it has been used on) to help us build better versions in the future. This is a lot less that the Google Toolbar tracks - it tracks every page you go on. However, if you don't like this, you can turn it off in Preferences. Our privacy policy is available from USE Hyperwords select any text (single word or more) and select a command from the menu. THIS IS NOT A SUPPORT FORUM. Please email if you have any issues with Hyperwords, we'll get back to you as quickly as we can! :-) YOU CONTROL how Hyperwords work: Go to Preferences (at the bottom of the menu) and specify when the menu will appear and how it will work. For example: The menu can come up when you select text or when you select text and hit 'enter'.

Category Categories: Blogging, Bookmarks, Editing and Form, Entertainment, Image Browsing, Languages, Navigation, Search Tools, Website Integration

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