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IE View Lite

This is a cut down version of IE View by Paul Roub, which is 47.4 KB. All the same UI and features are there. It has a right click menu item to open a page in IE and a list of sites to always open in IE. It can close tabs automatically and send additional parameters to the executable. Everything's just been rebuilt from the ground up to be smaller and more efficient.

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.5 - 3.0a2 ALL

Notes / Comments: The path to IE is set to the Windows default of C: Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore.exe. If you are using another OS or have Internet Explorer installed to another location, you will have to change this to the path of Internet Explorer on your computer. Also, as with the original IE View, you can point this to another browser, such as Opera. If you want to, you can point the path to any program. It doesn't have to be a browser.Please e-mail me about bugs. I only check the comments here every few weeks, but I check my e-mail several times a day. As anyone who has e-mailed me with a problem can attest, I usually fix them within a few minutes of finding out about them, which usually translates to sometime the same day as when the e-mail was sent. Posting "It don't work" on here will not help me fix it. Stuff like that is also against posting rules and will be removed by a mod because policy says to e-mail, not comment on support issues.Please visit my website. Click my name at the top of the page for the link. It explains all of what you need to do to make the extension do everything it does. That includes wild cards. Yes, they are in there.As with all extensions, UMO takes some time to review new versions of extensions. It could take weeks between the release of a new version and it appearing on UMO. So, please check my website for the latest version.

Category Categories: Developer Tools, Miscellaneous, Navigation, Web Annoyances

Download IE View Lite [Firefox plugin] Install: IE View Lite



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