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Image Assistant

Launches an image in an external viewer, when user selects the context menu item provided, which is titled "Open Image..." and is located under View Image right-click menu item. This allows for zooming, printing, and other rich functionality not available in the browser.

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.5 - 2.0.0.* Windows, Linux

Notes / Comments: The extension works on the following OSs:Windows XP: stable as of 0.2.1 (Windows Picture and Fax Viewer);Linux: stable as of 0.2.1 (KView);Windows 2000: stable as of 0.2.1 (Kodak Imaging Preview);All other OSs: no official testing performed, and it may or may not work on Windows 95, 98, NT, etc. Things might get better for these OSs with 0.3 release, when users should be able to choose the app to use. No timeline currently is set for 0.3 release.Feedback on Users' Comments:So far the app used to launch images is not configurable: pre-installed Windows apps, and a popular Linux app is used. The goal for 0.3 release will be to provide either OS-based or extension-based app customization.This site is not meant for bug reporting. If you encounter any issues, please log a bug at: you can see there are no unresolved bugs at the site above, which means this extension is impeccable (OK, almost impeccable :) ).Thanks all!

Category Categories: Image Browsing, Miscellaneous

Download Image Assistant [Firefox plugin] Install: Image Assistant

Image Assistant preview

Image zoomed in using KView (on Linux).:
Image zoomed in using KView (on Linux).

Image context menu item (on XP).:
Image context menu item (on XP).

Image zoomed in using Windows Picture and Fax Viewer (on Windows XP).:
Image zoomed in using Windows Picture and Fax Viewer (on Windows XP).



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