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The Kaboodle extension for Firefox has everything you need to use Kaboodle with your Firefox browser. Kaboodle is the best way to collect, compare, share and discover things you find anywhere on the web. Things that you are looking for, things that you wish for, things that you have or things that you just find interesting! Cool thing about Kaboodle is that when you find a thing on the web, it can automatically summarize it for you - identifying the right picture, title, brief description and even a price when it exists on the page. People use Kaboodle for wish lists, gift shopping, comparison shopping, planning trips, collecting fun stuff and even looking for other people. Note: If you prefer Kaboodle can also be used with just bookmarklets. You can install the bookmarklets at:

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.0 - 2.0.0.* ALL

Notes / Comments: Jarvis, we also have bookrmarklets support. We've modified the description to include how to use them.John, point well taken. We've updated the description to make it friendlier. thx!

Category Categories: Bookmarks, Entertainment, Navigation, Website Integration

Download Kaboodle [Firefox plugin] Install: Kaboodle

Kaboodle preview

Kaboodle Toolbar:
Kaboodle Toolbar

Kaboodle Extension:
Kaboodle Extension

Kaboodle Page:
Kaboodle Page



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