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Kiosk Browser [Symbio Technologies]

Displays the browser in a locked-down kiosk view. Can be used for various applications such as Internet cafes, schools and libraries.

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.0 - 1.0+ ALL

Notes / Comments: This Version works fine, except for one thing - when the kiosk browser chrome is loaded, the homepage does NOT automatically load, if anyone can help with this problem it will be appreciated.Installed via GUI [] or at the terminal prompt type:firefox -install-global-extension Running the extension:1. LINUX users:Type the following command at the terminal prompt:firefox -chrome chrome://kiosk1/content/kiosk1.xul2. WINDOWS users:click START...RUN...and type:firefox.exe -chrome chrome://kiosk1/content/kiosk1.xul

Category Categories: Kiosk Browsing

Download Kiosk Browser [Symbio Technologies] [Firefox plugin] Install: Kiosk Browser [Symbio Technologies]

Kiosk Browser [Symbio Technologies] preview

A Preview of the Kiosk Broswer:
A Preview of the Kiosk Broswer



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