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LinkWad is a Firefox extension that enables users to more easily manage tabbed browsing sessions by saving groups of tabs as "wads."With minimal keystrokes, wads can be quickly opened (CTRL+ALT+L), saved (CTRL+ALT+S), and closed (CTRL+ALT+Q).You can find wads created by other users at and contribute by creating your own wads and saving those that you find useful or interesting.All wads are now private by default but may be made public and searchable via the save dialog.LinkWad can also open Google and Yahoo search results in tabs with a single keystroke (F1).// the toolbar may now be hidden automatically while not in use (option under settings, accessible from the LinkWad menu).// visit to create an account. registration is free and no email activation is required.// quick start guide at learn more at

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.0 - 2.0.0.* ALL

Notes / Comments: Please contact me before leaving a negative comment below.You can submit all questions, suggestions, and/or bug reports via email using the "Report a Bug" option on the LinkWad menu.I will do my best to respond quickly!

Category Categories: Bookmarks, Navigation, Search Tools, Tabbed Browsing

Download LinkWad [Firefox plugin] Install: LinkWad

LinkWad preview

LinkWad 1.0.4:
LinkWad 1.0.4

Wad List (CTRL+ALT+L):
Wad List (CTRL+ALT+L)

Open Wad:
Open Wad

New User Registration:
New User Registration


Save New Wad:
Save New Wad

Navbar Menu Button (optional):
Navbar Menu Button (optional)

Login Dialog:
Login Dialog



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