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PONG! Multiplayer

Features: * Online Multiplayer gaming! Play against people from all around the world! (connects to your opponent through port 10997 and 10998, read more about how to forward ports on your router or firewall on * A full blown chat application. Chat with everyone in the Multiplayer lobby, or just with your opponent while playing a game. * Direct Play. Just type the nickname or ip-address of a friend, and he/she will get invited to play a game against you. (Only if he/she has PONG! opened, and in multiplayer mode.) * Fully customizable color schemes. Let PONG! look the way YOU want. * 2 player mode, play against a friend on your own pc. * Sound effects, and the option to disable them. * Changing AI, when you're 3 points ahead the computer will randomly turn hard AI on and off. * Select the number of points are needed to win the game. * Play at 5 different speed settings. * Play with your mouse, or with the keyboard, just as you like. Keyboard keys are customizable.

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.0.7 - 2.0.0.* ALL Mozilla 1.7 - 1.8 ALL Thunderbird 1.0 - 1.5.0.* ALL

Notes / Comments: For detailed help and information, visit the forum: help:- Connection problems: The game connects through TCP port 10997 and 10998, you NEED to have these ports forwarded for it to work. Read more about port forwarding on LAG, only TCP connection is available in Ff/Moz so I can't guarantee high speeds. I have tried a lot to make it less anoying, but I can't fix LAG itself.- On first startup you will be asked if you want to add a PONG! toolbar button to your navigation. You can always do this manualy in the View/Toolbars/Customize menu later.- Strange things can happen if your Ff/Moz profile is corrupted, or an installation went wrong. Please always try to reinstall the extension first, or install it on a clean Ff profile. Read more here: Some themes make certain items invisible. Try customizing the PONG! color scheme so it will work on your theme. Otherwise just use Ff default theme.- Other problems, just mail me, please! I can't do anything if you just post a 0 star rating, with the text "It does not work!". Mail me, and I'll most likely get it fixed soon.

Category Categories: Entertainment, Miscellaneous, XUL Applications

Download PONG! Multiplayer [Firefox plugin] Install: PONG! Multiplayer

PONG! Multiplayer preview

A Multiplayer Game:
A Multiplayer Game

The Multiplayer Lobby:
The Multiplayer Lobby

The Main PONG! Screen:
The Main PONG! Screen

The General Settings Screen:
The General Settings Screen

The Customize Color Schemes Settings Screen:
The Customize Color Schemes Settings Screen

The Chat Templates Settings Screen:
The Chat Templates Settings Screen

The Direct Play Friends Settings Screen:
The Direct Play Friends Settings Screen



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