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Personal Menu

Feel tired of the conservative menus, and have tried to put them into a single menu but never want to waste time on one more click?With the Personal Menu, you can hide the menus in Menus Toolbar (even the Menus Toolbar), and design your own menu with just few settings.*****************************You can know more in the previews! :)*****************************It also offers a History Button and a Bookmarks Button. You can set how many hitory items show in the menu, and what will happen when you middle/right click the buttons.

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.5 - 3.0a2 ALL

Notes / Comments: If you have any problem or suggestion, don't report bugs or ask questions in the comments. You are welcome to send E-mail to me, or post them in this website: (Traditional Chinese)////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////If there isn't your language in Personal Menu, you're also welcome to send the tanslation to me! :)////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Category Categories: Bookmarks, Editing and Forms, Kiosk Browsing, Miscellaneous, Navigation

Download Personal Menu [Firefox plugin] Install: Personal Menu

Personal Menu preview

Menu Button, History Button & Bookmarks Button:
Menu Button, History Button & Bookmarks Button

Menu Button:
Menu Button

History Button:
History Button

Bookmarks Button:
Bookmarks Button

Firefox default theme style:
Firefox default theme style

Classic menu:
Classic menu

Menus in Toolbar Context Menu:
Menus in Toolbar Context Menu

Edit menu panel:
Edit menu panel

Miscellaneous settings panel:
Miscellaneous settings panel

Show and Hide Menus panel:
Show and Hide Menus panel



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