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Redirect Remover

===== IMPORTANT ====================NOTE TO ALL UPDATERS: 2.0 changed RADICALLY compared to 1.x. Highlighting is GONE, instead watch for "RDR:" prefix in statusbar! (SEE SCREENSHOTS)===== IMPORTANT ====================Removes Redirects (like from Links and ImagesIt mainly has two purposes:1: Speed up browsing by de-proxyfying images and directly jumping to link-target2: Increase transparency on some links by showing "real" link-targetIt doesn't really increase your privacy. It can, but there are like a dozen ways to circumvent Redirect Remover, so don't expect it to do wonders.

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.5 - 3.0a2 ALL

Notes / Comments: ==== COMMENT REPLIES ====@Statusbarbutton: Yep, activate it in the options (2.3)@Whitelist: Use * as wildcard.@ Old Version: Sure, just scroll down and click on "all previous releases". Then choose 1.1.1 - it will be the last version featuring the old concept. @ Offering current URL to be whitelisted: This is misleading. RDR works on PER LINK basis no matter on which page these links occur. Instead, I'd have to check all links in the current page and offer those to be whitelisted which would be quite slow, but could still make it into 2.4. Let's wait and see ;)==== 2.3 FINAL ====What's new over 2.2:+ Statusbar Button (switch it on in options)+ Tooltip descriptions+ Wildcards (use * as wildcard, URLs without any * will be reduced to host)+ Improved default whitelist- Links aren't cropped off anymore after & - Links are new resetted, even if they are contained within frames- & are now replaced by & (fixes some links not working correctly)! Improved link resetting speedGet it here and please report bugs if you find them: 2.2 and 2.3 have been submitted to AMO but are still stuck in the approval queue. ==== Hidden Options ==== IN NEED OF HELP? ====If Redirect Remover is causing problems, I'm sorry for that. I can help you though, if you give me a chance to reply to your issue.'t worry - if I need more information I'll ask for it and provide a step by step guide if needed. Just provide A WAY TO CONTACT YOU, so we can sort out the issue together.

Category Categories: Navigation, Privacy and Security, Web Annoyances

Download Redirect Remover [Firefox plugin] Install: Redirect Remover

Redirect Remover preview

Element Properties on cleaned Link and Image:
Element Properties on cleaned Link and Image

RDR2's Options Dialog:

Link in Statusbar:
Link in Statusbar

Contextmenu when rightclicking redirecting link:
Contextmenu when rightclicking redirecting link



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