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Remove Duplicate Messages

If you have duplicate messages (e.g. from merging folders or downloading messages several times) you can use this tool to find and remove them from the selected folder and its subfolder by rightclicking on a folder and choosing "Remove Duplicate Messages".It allows you to configure what you want to compare (sender, messageid, subject, ...).Features (some for version 0.0.11):* Also checks subfolders* View found messages in main view* Option to make manual changes to the messages to be deleted.* Supported Languages: en-US, de-DE, de-CH, de-LI, de-LU, de-CH, it-IT, es-ES, fr-FR, nl-NL* Easy to use and fast (1000 messages per second).* Automatic delete (no dialog showing the duplicates)* Prefere to keep the bigger, smaller, unread or first/last found Message.Planned Changes:* Compare message body* Undo delete/move messages to given folder* Dialog with duplicate messages: Realy delete messages, do not move to trash

Supported Firefox versions: Thunderbird 1.0 - 1.6 ALL

Notes / Comments: Version 0.0.11 is now running with Thunderbird 1.5. Please note, you can only download it with "See all previous releases of this extension."Version 0.0.9 has a bugfix for RSS in prefere to delete unread messages. Also it is possible to ignore the sent-messages.Version 0.0.8 has smaller bug fixes and restores the standard delete order (keep one message and delete all other duplicates) and if two messages are duplicates prefere to keep the bigger, smaller, unread or first/last found one.Version 0.0.7 had a bug when searching in imap folders ("Unkown message format: imap-message"). This bug is fixed now.Version 0.0.6 is now running smooth and can handle folders with up to 400.000 messages.Version 0.0.5 has several bug fixes and is slightly faster than the previous version. Sorry, that it takes so long till new versions are online, but this is due to the mozilla approving process for new versions. There is a lack of tester - so, any volunteers? :-)Version 0.0.4 is a bugfix for the german language pack. it prevented the software from deleting the duplicate messages.Version 0.0.3 is very fast and much better, but sometimes it seems to delete the wrong selected message. It is possible that this bug is already sorted out, but i can't give a 100% guarantee.Also, i am searching people to write a better manual. Please write to my e-mail address (in german or english) if you want to support me or if you have found a bug (then please send a complete bugreport, so that i can reproduce that bug).

Category Categories: Message Reading, Miscellaneous

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Remove Duplicate Messages:
Remove Duplicate Messages



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