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STOP! Hammer Time!

Adds 'STOP! Hammer Time!' functionality to Firefox - Simply go to "view -> toolbars -> customize" and swap your stop button for the 'STOP! Hammer Time!' button. Now you can hear MC Hammer whenever a page needs stopping!Contributors------------John Wordsworth - Lead Man in initial development of the extension on version 0.9.7 - worked on coding and design.

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.0 - 2.0.0.* ALL

Notes / Comments: Version 1.0a is here - approved within minutes by the Firefox Extension Review Team.I am actively reading the comments made here in order to make improvements - A major theme at the moment appears to be changing the button which will be happening in the next update.A forum will soon be live at but if you have any comments or ways this extension can be improved, please email me at or use the comments box here.Also, you may be interested in my new extension - STOP! In The Name of Love - available at - It adds a different stop button but it works alongside the Hammer Time extension.Thank you all for downloading :-)

Category Categories: Humor

Download STOP! Hammer Time! [Firefox plugin] Install: STOP! Hammer Time!

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Hammer Time Plugin:
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