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Screen grab!

Screengrab saves entire webpages as images.Just install it, make sure Java is configured (Java absolutely necessary), and right-click on a page.You can save the entire page as an image (it scrolls around the page taking shots and stitches it together), just the visible portion, or the browser window.For examples take a look at the homepage.

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.0 - 1.5.0.* ALL Mozilla - - - ALL

Notes / Comments: Does seem to work on Linux. It's also worth noting that on large pages you will most likely encounter errors (probably of the OutOfMemory variety).To get around this you'll need to boost the memory allocation to the JVM. I have NO idea how to do this from within Firefox and I don't really know how it invokes Java.Also the extension doesn't seem to work properly on the Mozilla homepage, which I find mildly amusing.

Category Categories: Developer Tools, Miscellaneous

Download Screen grab! [Firefox plugin] Install: Screen grab!



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