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Searchbar Autosizer

Does what its name says. It auto expands (resizes) the searchbar if needed, and shrinks it if you don't have anything typed in you'd probably want to read.The assistant helps you to adjust the searchbar to your likings by simply resizing it with the mouse. An auto-detection guesses what you wants to achieve, making it even easier to find the right settings. It offers an option dialog for the average geek as well, of course. And if you're finished your query, you can set it to be deleted on submit, saving space again - TabMix(Plus) compatible!

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 2.0 - 3.0a2 ALL

Notes / Comments: ==== OTHER AUTOSIZER VERSIONS ====You can get "Autosizer Lite" and "Autosizer Lite For Google Toolbar" from my new homepage: IN NEED OF HELP? ====If Autosizer is causing problems, I'm sorry for that. I can help you though, if you give me a chance to reply to your issue.* See the FAQ on my page:* If you comment here, leave some way to contact you (e-mail, webpage...)* Contact me directly't worry - if I need more information I'll ask for it and provide a step by step guide if needed. Just provide A WAY TO CONTACT YOU, so we can sort out the issue together.

Category Categories: Navigation, Search Tools

Download Searchbar Autosizer [Firefox plugin] Install: Searchbar Autosizer

Searchbar Autosizer preview

Autosizer in action:
Autosizer in action

Searchbar Autosizer:
Searchbar Autosizer

Autosizer 1.2 in Firefox 2.0:
Autosizer 1.2 in Firefox 2.0

Autosizer's Option Dialog (1.3):

Configuration Assistent (First Page):
Configuration Assistent (First Page)

Assistent while sizing manually:
Assistent while sizing manually



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