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Skype Sidebar

Skype Sidebar allows you to call, add, find, chat, and voice mail other contacts without even leaving your browser. Skype Sidebar lets you see the status of your contacts and quickly chat with them. It saves you time, allows you to quickly send files, and also view contacts information. You can even start conference calls. You can customize the width of the Skype object.REQUIREMENTS--------------- Skype v2.0+- WINDOWS 2000/XPNote: You must have skype running in the background in order to view your contacts, place calls, etc...Note2: You must allow Firefox access to Skype when you are prompted.Note3: Please take note that Skype Sidebar uses activex to run.

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.5 - 2.0b1 Windows

Notes / Comments: Follow these instructions to install:1. Install Skype Sidebar2. Restart Firefox3. Open up Skype Sidebar and allow the .dll to register in order to let Skype Sidebar run.4. Restart Firefox5. Open up Skype SidebarUpdate August 01: If problems still persit, please install the Skype COM Api at

Category Categories: Contacts, Miscellaneous

Download Skype Sidebar [Firefox plugin] Install: Skype Sidebar



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