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Stacked View Extension

Stacked folder/thread layout for better viewing. Places the thread panel on the left under the folder view so that you have a large area on the right for message content viewing. To enable, select the menu item View -> Layout -> Stacked View.

Supported Firefox versions: Thunderbird 1.0 - 1.5.0.* ALL

Notes / Comments: Extension 1.0.3 updated to support TB 1.5.0.*. In reference to some of the comments and suggestions I've received, I'd like to add support for a double line thread-vew like Outlook, but that would require rewriting the thread-pane and is beyond what I have time for at the moment.Others have suggested some alternate view configurations that I think would make nice additions, but those also require significant changes.Many of these changes are more easily addressed in the core Thunderbird source, and not an extension.However, the source code to this extension is freely available from the website, so I encourage anyone interested in further tweaking to give it a try and I'll be happy to incorporate any changes into the extension for the benefit of the community.

Category Categories: Message Reading, News Reading

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Stacked View Extension preview

Stacked View Extension:
Stacked View Extension



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