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Tamper Data

Use tamperdata to view and modify HTTP/HTTPS headers and post parameters.Trace and time http response/requests.Security test web applications by modifying POST parameters.FYI current version of Google Web Accelerator is incompatible with the tampering function of TamperData. Your browser will crash.n.b. The comment system has changed, so I can no longer reply to the comments below. So if you have questions send me an email.

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.0 - 2.0.0.* ALL

Notes / Comments: n.b. suggestions and functionality request can really only be handled by sending me an email...It's usually impossible to fix bugs without extra information, so if you find something, email me.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------w.r.t. to GET parameters:GET parameters are part of the URI, which at the point I am hooking into (using the observer service) is immutable. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Replay in Browser" triggers a tamper popup for get parameters.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Close the sidebar before uninstalling - see firefox bug 249883.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Things to try:- view source- graphs- context menu in tamper popup--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Category Categories: Developer Tools, Privacy and Security

Download Tamper Data [Firefox plugin] Install: Tamper Data

Tamper Data preview

Tampering preview:
Tampering preview

Tamper Prompt:
Tamper Prompt

Request Graph:
Request Graph

Replay in Browser:
Replay in Browser

Configure Context Menus:
Configure Context Menus

Modifying some values:
Modifying some values

Log Window:
Log Window



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