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Allows you to highlight text selections via keyboard and context menu. Also allows for the highlighted text to be copied individually or all. 3 highlighter colours are available that can be customised.

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.5 - 2.0.0.* ALL

Notes / Comments: With this extension you can highlight important text on web pages and copy the highlighted text. Useful when you have several pages open on multiple tabs, while doing online research for instance.To highlight:1. Select text to highlight with the mouse2. Right-click on the selected text OR click b,n or m keys3. Select Highlight Text! from the context menuTo erase/copy individual highlighted text hover mouse over the text and right-click to reveal the context menu. Then follow "Highlighted Text" sub-menu.Options Panel to change highlight colours is available via Tools menu -> Extensions -> Right-click on TextMarker!

Category Categories: Blogging, Miscellaneous

Download TextMarker! [Firefox plugin] Install: TextMarker!

TextMarker! preview


Select text to be highlighted, then right-click:
Select text to be highlighted, then right-click

Select Highlight Text from context menu:
Select Highlight Text from context menu

Erase individual or all highlights:
Erase individual or all highlights

Copy individual or all highlights to clipboard:
Copy individual or all highlights to clipboard



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