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ToCyrillic is a transliterator and a keyboard mapper for Firefox & Thunderbird. It allows as-you-type conversion of transliterated characters to native script, as well as transliteration/detransliteration anywhere within the document. Included layouts provide support for Bulgarian, Cherokee, Georgian, Macedonian, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian languages, as well as Taiwanese POJ romanization

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.5 - 3.0a2 ALL Thunderbird 1.5 - 2.0b1 ALL

Notes / Comments: (while these instructions refer to latinica & cyrillic, they apply to any pair of a transliteration table and a native alphabet )This extension adds several new items to edit and context menus, as well as shortcuts in all (or most) of Firefox & Thunderbird windows. The added functionality is as follows:Cyrillic Mode, F2 This turns on the virtual translit keyboard for the selected editable area. While in this mode, transliterated text typed into the window will be automatically translated into corresponding cyrillic text, much in the same way as the popular translit converter on To Cyrillic, Ctrl+Shift+Q Convert text selected in an editable area such as search field or URL bar from latinica to cyrillic. Starting with version 0.4, convert selected text anywhere - convenient for reading forum or e-mail messages posted in latinica.To Translit, Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Q Convert text selected in an editable area from cyrillic to translit. Starting with version 0.4, convert selected text anywhere.ToCyrillic options dialog can be found in the Tools menu or in the pop-up menu in the extension manager. You can change shortcut keys, menu labes and translit layout.The following layouts are included in this version:Bulgarian Extended (contributed by Peter Seizov)Bulgarian Translit (contributed by Stilian Goranov)Customized Serbian Latinica (contributed by Lubisa Radovanovic)Macedonian Latinica (contributed by B. Kizovski)Ukrainian - translit.ruRussian Customized -, defaultRussian - translit.ruRussian - GOST 7.79-2000Russian Phonetic Keyboard yaZHertyRussian Standard KeyboardTaiwanese POJ Romanisation, contributed by Henry H. Tan-TennCherokee transliteration by Jesse ChisholmGeorgian / Kartuli, contributed by Jon ThackrayTo add new layouts, or to adjust existing layouts to your liking, see the manual on the home page ( extension need not be limited to cyrillic alphabet. The contribution of Taiwanese POJ romanisation layout is the first step towards making this extension a general purpose transliterator and input method handler. In time I will rename this into something alphabet- and language- neutral. Suggestions for a good new name will be greatly appreciated!--Check the home page for bookmarklets that can provide some of this functionality to the poor souls stuck with Internet Explorer.-- If Firefox complains about the integrity of the package, try to download it again. Sometimes mirrors time out and provide incomplete packages--Re: request to add Japanese:I don't know Japanese, so I cannot do it myself. But if you're willing to build a transliteration table yourself, I'll gladly help. Please start by reading this document

Category Categories: Editing and Forms, Languages, Message Reading

Download ToCyrillic [Firefox plugin] Install: ToCyrillic

ToCyrillic preview

Latinica Layout:
Latinica Layout

in-place conversion - before:
in-place conversion - before

in-place conversion - in progress:
in-place conversion - in progress

in-place conversion - done:
in-place conversion - done

Options dialog:
Options dialog

Typing in a bookmark dialog:
Typing in a bookmark dialog

Preferences in configuration editor:
Preferences in configuration editor



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