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Unofficial Myspace Toolbar

Automatically login to Myspace, instantly access your messages, view hidden comments, create styled comments/bulletins and more with this intuitive and customizable toolbar!NEW! Myspace Notifications: Find out if you have new comments, bulletins, etc without logging into myspace.The toolbar can automatically hide when you are not using Myspace. To toggle this feature, click the "m" on the status bar.Icons by Mark James -

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.5 - 3.0a1 ALL

Notes / Comments: *** Download the NEWER V1.4.6 *** is taking too long to approve so I'm hosting it on my website.

Category Categories: Editing and Forms, Navigation, Website Integration

Download Unofficial Myspace Toolbar [Firefox plugin] Install: Unofficial Myspace Toolbar

Unofficial Myspace Toolbar preview

The view user menu:
The view user menu

The contact user menu:
The contact user menu

Auto-hide status bar button:
Auto-hide status bar button

New Comment/Bulletin Editor in v1.1.4:
New Comment/Bulletin Editor in v1.1.4

Myspace Toolbar:
Myspace Toolbar

The Toolbar:
The Toolbar



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