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WOT helps you avoid disingenuous Internet content by allowing you to learn from others' experiences. WOT shows you website reputations on your browser, telling you how much other users trust a website. This helps you make better decisions while browsing and avoid phishing, malware, and other types of fraud. Reputations can also be added to web search results, Gmail, Wikipedia, and other selected sites.WOT reputations are computed mainly from user testimonies. Sharing your knowledge with others is just a click away, without ever having to leave the site. We also collect data from hundreds of other sources (including PhishTank) to quickly warn you of emerging threats. Currently, WOT knows over 12 million websites.The WOT add-on was designed to be as noninvasive as possible and you can use it anonymously without having to register. Please visit our homepage for more information. Join us and be among the first in creating a better web!Privacy policy:

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.5 - 3.0a3 ALL

Notes / Comments: Please don't submit questions, bug reports, or feature requests here, we have no way of answering them. Use our feedback form or forum instead: our blog for the latest news and more information on the WOT reputation system:

Category Categories: Message Reading, Miscellaneous, Navigation, Privacy and Security, Search Tools, Web Annoyance, Website Integration

Download WOT [Firefox plugin] Install: WOT

WOT preview

WOT testimony window opened over a Wikipedia page with embedded reputations on external links:
WOT testimony window opened over a Wikipedia page with embedded reputations on external links

WOT logo:
WOT logo

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WOT icons

WOT preview:
WOT preview



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