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WataCrackaz AutoSMS

Watacrackaz AutoSMS toolbar. Send and receive SMS text messages to and from cellphones around the world.Alternative download:

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.0 - 3.0a1 ALL

Notes / Comments: This is a tool to send SMS messages to cell phones for free. You can also receive messages if you register and have signed in. There is a phonebook of contacts that is accessible once you sign in. The list of carriers is dynamic and is updated whenever you start Firefox or click on the _update_ menu item. *You do not need to get a new version of the toolbar to get new carriers*. Drop by the discussion forum at do not send urgent messages via this medium as there is no guarantee of timely delivery. The carrier may queue a message for an indefinate amount of time and that is entirely out of my control.

Category Categories: Contacts, Miscellaneous, XUL Applications

Download WataCrackaz AutoSMS [Firefox plugin] Install: WataCrackaz AutoSMS

WataCrackaz AutoSMS preview

WataCrackaz AutoSMS Toolbar:
WataCrackaz AutoSMS Toolbar

Dynamic carrier list selection:
Dynamic carrier list selection

Message ready to send:
Message ready to send

Message sent to carrier:
Message sent to carrier



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