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Wizz RSS News Reader

A fairly good RSS and Atom news reader.► Supports all versions of RSS.► Supports Atom 0.3 and 1.0.► Supports Podcast (Enclosure) feeds.► Supports Feed protocol.► Supports integration with Firefox 2.0 feed handling (Please see release notes for details on how to integrate -► Supports GZIP compression (i.e. Feeds that are gzipped).► Filter news items on words and/or phrases.► Feed Search - Finds feeds/OPML identified with correct mime types.► Quick Read function to test/preview feeds before adding them.► Integrated Watch List for monitoring selected feeds (Monitoring interval is configurable).► Watch List can be configured, per watched feed, to notify or to save new items.► Supports OPML import and export (Import OPML from local file or from remote host).► Optionally hide read items.► Optional server storage of feeds for easy access from any PC.► Publish your feeds on any web site (Updated to work with 2.n.n).► Integrated Live Bookmark import.► Integrated email sharing of news items and/or feeds (via simple implementation of SMTP).► Integrated domain specific Google search.► Integrated Feedster search.► Integrated Feedbase search.► Integrated weather reports (Not great but it works).► Also a fairly useful Gmail checker.► Supports sk-SK (Slovak), fr-FR (French), ja-JP (Japanese), de-DE (German), ru-RU (Russian), da-DK (Danish) and pt-BR (Portuguese (Brazilian)), es-ES (Spanish (Spain)), el-GR (Greek), es-AR (Spanish (Argentina)), it-IT (Italian), fi-FI (Finnish), af-ZA (Afrikaans) and be-BY (Belarusian) locales.► FINALLY I have updated the online help. If I have missed anything, please let me know. Please use the online help. It might not be perfect but I'm sure it'll go a long way to answering most questions.

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.0 - 2.0.0.* ALL

Notes / Comments: If you are having trouble using the Alt + S shortcut key with Firefox 2.0.*, simply reconfigure the shortcut on the options page.There is a bug in Firefox that is causing feed handler integration with Wizz RSS to not work. The bug has been reported (Bugzilla ID 365570) and, hopefully, will be fixed in the next release of Firefox.The online help is now up-to-date (I hope). Please use it!

Category Categories: Blogging, Entertainment, News Reading, XUL Applications

Download Wizz RSS News Reader [Firefox plugin] Install: Wizz RSS News Reader

Wizz RSS News Reader preview

Wizz RSS News Reader:
Wizz RSS News Reader

Wizz RSS News Reader:
Wizz RSS News Reader

Wizz RSS News Reader running in it's own window:
Wizz RSS News Reader running in it

Wizz RSS News Reader - Options:
Wizz RSS News Reader - Options

Wizz RSS News Reader - More options:
Wizz RSS News Reader - More options

Wizz RSS News Reader - Even more options:
Wizz RSS News Reader - Even more options

Wizz RSS News Reader - Last options tab:
Wizz RSS News Reader - Last options tab



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