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XML Developer Toolbar

The XML Developer's Toolbar!!!Finally, a toolbar modeled after Chris Pederick's WebDeveloper toolbar, that allows XML Developer's use of standard tools all from your browser!Features include:-Schema Generation-DTD Generation-Schema Validation-XML -> Schema Validation-Style Manipulation-XSL Transformations on-the-fly-DOM Inspector incorporated views-Document statistics for future Semantic Web purposes-SOA Module (coming soon)-Lame scratch pad that does...nothing really useful :p

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.5 - 2.0.0.* ALL

Notes / Comments: *New update:*Firefox 2 compatible now!For the next few weeks, I want to spend some good time refactoring some ugly code that was all just proof of concept for a grad school project. I am going for a more robust app here in the future and want to develop a better framework before I add anything more to the bar. This will result in a much more stable/better app for all. :)*I apologize for my hiatus on the XMLDeveloper project. I am very busy at IBM right now but I plan to release a 2.0 compatible version in the near future...WITH some SOA fun. Stay tuned!TODO IDEAS:-REFACTOR (using JS prototypes and reusable code)-XPath stuff-SVG-XFORM -Canvas

Category Categories: Developer Tools, Editing and Forms, Miscellaneous, Website Integration

Download XML Developer Toolbar [Firefox plugin] Install: XML Developer Toolbar

XML Developer Toolbar preview

Transformations On-The-Fly:
Transformations On-The-Fly


Main Toolbar Shot:
Main Toolbar  Shot



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