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Yahoo! Mail Notifier

This extension notifies you when new messages arrive in your Yahoo mailbox. Notification options include: customizable sound, notification alert, status bar and toolbar icon. Also allows the user to map different mouse buttons to open Yahoo Mail in different tabs,windows,etc.

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 0.9.x - 3.0a3 ALL Mozilla 1.7 - 1.8 ALL SeaMonkey 1.0 - 1.5a ALL

Notes / Comments: For support or to contact the author, please visit the Yahoo Mail Notifer thread at MozillaZine: may be reported at comment section here is for feedback (like/dislike the extension). Support questions and bug reports do not belong here and will be ignored. Please use either of the two links above to report bugs and for support.The homepage is located at The FAQ, Known Issue List and To Do List are now kept there. PLEASE READ THE HOMEPAGE BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS since your question/issue may already be listed.Summary of known issues (see homepage for more detailed descriptions): 1. The extension uses the Yahoo! Companion feed to check for new mail so only new messages received since last viewing your Yahoo Mailbox will be counted as new.2. On some accounts, Yahoo! never updates the companion feed page when new mail arrives (you never see new mail notifications). This is a bug with your Yahoo account so contact Yahoo to have it fixed. If you don't get new mail notification when installing Yahoo's official toolbar (, then you are experiencing this problem.3. Only the username marked as default will be checked for new mail. The extension can only check for mail if the user remains logged in. Logging out on a Yahoo page while the extension is actively checking will cause the extension to log back in to the default users's account the next time it checks for email. This is also true if you have sinced logged into another Yahoo account on a Yahoo page. This is done to prevent the extension from getting into a weird state where it thinks one user is logged in when in fact another user is. This will be fixed more thoroughly when multi-user support is added. If you don't want this to occur, use the extension's "log out" command instead of logging out on the Yahoo page which will log the default user out and stop checking for new mail. 4. Choosing a sound file to play on new mail has been reported to not work on Macs. The default sound is said to work. I don't have a Mac so I can't test this.5. I'm told that installing this extension in FreeBSD Firefox causes Firefox to crash. I'm unable to test this as I don't have FreeBSD. Generally though all browser crashes should be reported to Mozilla since this is extension should be incapable of crashing the browser unless the browser is buggy.

Category Categories: Message Reading, Miscellaneous

Download Yahoo! Mail Notifier [Firefox plugin] Install: Yahoo! Mail Notifier

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Right Click for Preferences:
Right Click for Preferences

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