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The free phone and IM for Firefox

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.5 - 1.5.0.* Windows

Notes / Comments: Zoep is a free VOIP phone and IM system for Firefox users.This extension is currently for Windows only and requires Firefox version 1.5When installed you will see Zoep has a single button on the browser toolbar positioned just in front of the web address text box. The button opens a window in the same way as bookmarks or tools>options does.PC to PC calls are free and like other popular services there is a pre-pay PC to Phone option. Zoep can communicate with other open Jabber based services like Google Talk for Instant Messaging.Future plans include SMS, Voicemail and incoming phone number to receive phone calls from phone networks (with the incoming caller paying the call charges)We hope you enjoy this extension as much as we do, it is currently a 0.8 beta release This extension is currently intended for Firefox users who want help shape final 1.0 version functionality. You can take part in active feedback by visiting the Zoep extensions blog at We hope you like it.

Category Categories: Contacts, Miscellaneous, XUL Applications

Download Zoep [Firefox plugin] Install: Zoep

Zoep preview

Zoep Phone Button:
Zoep Phone Button

Click button to sign in to Zoep:
Click button to sign in to Zoep

Familiar look and feel for Firefox:
Familiar look and feel for Firefox

Incoming Call Alert:
Incoming Call Alert

Chat to other Zoep & Jabber based users:
Chat to other Zoep & Jabber based users

Select dial phone:
Select dial phone

Phone utilising Firefox 1.5 new transparency feature:
Phone utilising Firefox 1.5 new transparency feature



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