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Stylises Firefox into Ghostzilla (The Invisible Browser) style. Move your mouse away and firefox disappears. Then move it towards the left edge of the screen, back to the right and again to the left... and voila.. firefox is back again, discretely blended with ur original application to appear like a part of it.

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.0 - 2.0.0.* Windows

Notes / Comments: Bah! I've lost my patience with XUL... I'm switching to VB6.. A new version should be out within a week.Have started working on version 2. Loads of changes with more camouflaging and an options box(finally...). Will be a long time till it comes up though...IMPORTANT: THIS IS A WINDOWS ONLY EXTENSION. I DON'T CODE FOR MAC OR UNIX AND ANYBODY WHO WISHES TO CODE THIS EXTENSION FOR MAC OR UNIX IS FREE TO DO SO.IMPORTANT: THIS EXTENSION IS INCOMPATIBLE WITH FIRETITLE AND FIRESOMETHING.This extension is fully compatible with themes but unfortunately using themes AND ghostfox would be quite pointless as the main purpose is to camouflage the browser.

Category Categories: Entertainment, Humor, Miscellaneous, Privacy and Security

Download ghostfox [Firefox plugin] Install: ghostfox

ghostfox preview

The statusbar buttons:
The statusbar buttons

ghostfox in adobe pdf reader:
ghostfox in adobe pdf reader

ghostfox in outlook explorer:
ghostfox in outlook explorer



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