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##########################################More Flash demo can be viewed here RSS, Atom, parsed HTML and NNTP feed in a scrolling area the status bar. Compatible with podcasting RSS which can be downloaded directly.It's also a good Gmail notifier. The different features of this extension are * RSS feed including RSS Gmail notifier (with * ATOM feed * NNTP feed * Parsed HTML feed (in fact any text document on internet: RDF, txt, HTML...). Extraction with regular expression * Pre-defined blog search feed (technorati, blogger, ,...) * Support for SSL feed (HTTPS) * Customized refresh time per feed * Automatic or manual refresh * Customized number of headlines to display per feed * Customized number of character to display per feed (status bar is a limited area...) * Customized favicon per feed or group * Customized filter per feed : filter on title, subject, headline number, published date, received date, ... * Enable/Disable filter * Group of feeds * Customized filter per group : filter for the group or combination with feed's filter and group * Full associated HTML article in a simple clic on the headline * Customized style sheet for headlines : font family, font size, background color, foreground color * Display headlines in the status bar or in a separate bar (top or bottom) * Manual resize of the status bar area * Automatic size adjustment with the window width * Skip headline * Scrolling feeds in the headline area * Manual scrolling with the mouse wheel * Right to left or left to right scrolling direction * Customized scrolling speed * Fade in/out headlines * All headlines in the main menu as a submenu * Automatic cycling between feed or group or within feed of a group * Skip empty feed in cycling mode * Popup when new headlines * Customized icon bar beside the headline bar * Mark all headlines as read * View all headlines at once * Flashing icon when refreshing * Read article in tooltip, a new tab or a new window * Tooltip on headline to see the full title, begin of article or full article without opening a new tab * Tooltip in HTML mode for rich description * Tooltip that supports multimedia in ENCLOSURE tag : images are displayed beside the description, and audio and video files are played (podcasting, try feed with the firefox embedded multimedia plugin * Tooltip on main icon to display the number of hedline / unread headline * Option to play/mute podcast * Display icon near headline in case of enclosure tag * Persistence of viewed and banned headline even after the session * Remote synchronization with FTP or WebDav server * OPML import and export from a local file or a distant ressource (on internet) * Export the repository in the bookmark hierarchy * Display the repository on screen * Display the RSS file in the browser by dragging the feed in the menu on the browser * Detect RSS feed in the current page and add an item in the menu * Contextual menu in Firefox to add a feed in the extension repository * Add any URL in the clipboard to the menu to simply add it to the repository * Detete a feed in the menu with drag and drop on the trash bin * Add a feed in a group with drag and drop on the group icon in the menu * Link to the main web page in one click * Customized FF add feed menu (orange radar icon) to add feed in infoRSS * Global activity switch * Activity switch at the feed/group level * Collapse headline bar if no headline * Thumbnail image of the main URL in the option dialog * Quick filter icon to filter in one click all displayed headlines * Auto or manual decoding in the HTML feed

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.0 - 3.0a1 ALL Mozilla 1.6 - 1.7 ALL SeaMonkey 1.0 - 1.0 ALL Thunderbird 1.0 - 3.0a1 ALL

Notes / Comments: Before submitting any comment, please try the latest version on you have found a bug, don't complain here, but try to explain it here ( if you want to have it fixed .If you want to know how to use this extension read the homepage ( or the FAQ ( you want to ask a question, read other users question on the note page ( you can use this extension as a Gmail notifier too...

Category Categories: Blogging, Bookmarks, Download Tools, Message Reading, News Reading, Tabbed Browsing

Download infoRSS [Firefox plugin] Install: infoRSS

infoRSS preview

InfoRSS in the status bar:
InfoRSS in the status bar

Option dialog:
Option dialog

Option dialog (screen 2):
Option dialog (screen 2)

infoRSS Logo:
infoRSS Logo



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