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A super tabbed browsing extension for both Firefox and Flock! Works with all latest stable and dev builds. Smaller than Tab Mix Plus, but includes many useful and unique features and is light and fast!Main Features:- Tab Clicking Options, Tab Bar Options- Undo Close Tab, Duplicate Tab- Tab Picker, New Tab Button- Tab Overflow Menus, Multi-Row Tab Bar- and more!ATTENTION! *** If you want session restoring, please get the Session Manager extension by zeniko. If you want to reopen accidentally closed tabs, it's already in superT in the context menu and as a tab clicking option. ***FAQ:- The spaces on each side of the tab bar are for the tab bar clicking options (see superT Options).- superT is not compatible with Tab Mix Plus.To enable the 'No close buttons on each tab' hidden feature:Add the following code either to userChrome.css, or, if you have Stylish, as a style:Code:@import "chrome://supert/content/noclosebuttons.css";Before installing superT, you should disable or uninstall the following extensions if you have them installed:superT covers almost all of the features found in the above extensions and more.- Tab Clicking Options, undoclosetab, FLST, Tabs Open Relative, minit, No Tab Close, Tab No X, and Too Many Tabs!superT - tab browsing reloaded.

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.5 - 2.0a3 ALL

Notes / Comments: This extension is supposed to be a small, light, and fast tabbed browsing extension. It doesn't have all the features of TMP, but it wasn't designed to. It also has cool features that aren't found in TMP and other tab browsing extensions. Please don't skew ratings before actually trying out the extension and learning how it works.

Category Categories: Tabbed Browsing

Download superT [Firefox plugin] Install: superT

superT preview

Overflow menus and tab picker:
Overflow menus and tab picker

superT icon:
superT icon

Revamped Tab Clicking Options:
Revamped Tab Clicking Options

New: Tab Bar Options!:
New: Tab Bar Options!



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