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RefreshBlocker Dugged CacheIt!
Notify phpBB User Hide Spamato4Thunderbird
Statusbar Toolbar Google 403 Bypassser Tempomail
W3T URL Shrinker Clipboard-Save-As StrongBad Emails: Prev & Next
RubNub for YubNub InstallTimeOut Thai Words Separator
refspoof Unhide Menubar Resizeable Textarea
Text-Bgcolor Fixer extEMM URL Shortener
Toggle Word Wrap Unwrap Text MiniFirefox
Statusbar Addressbar HideUpdate CheckAttachments
Habu Link Fixer Thing Allow Local Addresses

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List of all Firefox plugins and themes that belong to Web Annoyances category: Web Annoyances-1  Web Annoyances-2  Web Annoyances-3  Web Annoyances-4  Web Annoyances-5  Web Annoyances-6 



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