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Bible Fox

A Firefox theme I have been working with a Christian flavor

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 2.0 - 2.0.0.* ALL

Notes / Comments: I cleaned some things up in this update and took care of some of the internal details.The scroll bar is a little different. I changed the buttons and tabs in the options menu.The URL and Search Window are square now rather than rounded. (Please give me feedback on this. I normally like the rounded look better but wasn't sure if it fit with this theme)Some of the colors have been adjusted on hovering effects.As of now I am sticking with the name "Bible Fox"I believe the menu text is smaller than the first release.This continues to be a work in progress but this release is closer to vision I had for the theme. Please continue to give feedback and suggestions.

Category Categories: Miscellaneous, Nature, Retro

Download Bible Fox [Firefox theme] Install: Bible Fox

Bible Fox preview

Bible Fox:
Bible Fox

Bible Fox:
Bible Fox



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