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A streamlined and cleancut theme, built for the discerning user who is after something something original. Plenty of detail without taking to much browser realestate or distracting the user. ONLY FOR FIREFOX 1.5 AND, this does not install/run on the OLDER versions, such as 1.0.7 or below

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.5 - 1.6 ALL

Notes / Comments: ******NEWS FLASH*******THIS THEME NEEDS THE NEWEST VERSIONS OF FIREFOX (1.5 OR 1.6A1 (DEERPARK ALPHA2)). BOTH THESE VERSIONS ARE HIGHER THAT THE LAST OFFICIAL RELEASE OF 1.0.7 IF YOU CHOSE NOT TO UPGRADE TO FIREFOX 1.5, THAT IS FINE, BUT PLEASE DON'T THEN COMPLAIN YOU CAN'T USE THIS THEME....THANKYOU*************************To restore either the default bookmark icons or toolbar spacers, place have a look on the homepage for instructions on modding via the userChrome.css If not sure how to edit the userChrome, get hold of the extension chromEdit, or email me for assistance :)*************************To ensure you have all the fonts used in this theme, download the following zip file and add fonts to your computer's font directory:************************* Until the developer of All-in-One can make his extension able to be fully theme supported, you can download a moddified version of 0.5.6 from the following link - if all communication fails, will modify the current version in like fashion :) downloaded, simply drag the file into Firefox to install****Firefox 1.5********Firefox (DeerPark)**** 1.6a1***

Category Categories: Compact, Modern, OS Integration

Download BlackJapan [Firefox theme] Install: BlackJapan

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