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Blue Ice

A crisp, simple ice blue theme.>>> TO INSTALL: Download, restart and go to Tools -> Add-ons and Themes. Click on Blue Ice then on "Use Theme". Then restart. You should now be running Blue Ice.>>>> Email me if you want a response:>>>> Black XP theme - if you want the look seen in the screenshots download here: Install and set in properties like regular XP theme.Thank you to contributors:AronnaxC. NicksCOMING SOON:Version 1.3 to address:- Themed menu system/scrollbars- Custom sub-menu icons- Improved custom loader bar- Graphics tweaks- Mac/Linux issues- Common user issues ...and much more

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 2.0 - 2.0.0.* ALL

Notes / Comments: Release 1.2.4:Due to the popularity of extensions such as Colorful Tabs ,which were incompatible with the previous release due to tab revisions, the previous tab layout has been restored. Also, the file size has been dramatically decreased.Carry-overs from previous release:- Fixed transparent window and related issues (Facebook plugin pop-up, etc.)- Misc. tweaks

Category Categories: Compact, Modern, OS Integration

Download Blue Ice [Firefox theme] Install: Blue Ice

Blue Ice preview

Screenshot of FF 2 toolbar with Blue Ice theme in Windows XP:
Screenshot of FF 2 toolbar with Blue Ice theme in Windows XP

Screenshot of entire browser:
Screenshot of entire browser

A crisp, simple ice blue theme.:
A crisp, simple ice blue theme.



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