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FireCat OceanPaws

FireCat OceanPaws - FireFox all pawed over by a cat ;) (Navigation bar background inspired by Silver Skin by Mauro Bartoccelli, icons original)

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 0.9 - 1.0 ALL

Notes / Comments: I have now for months trying to get to accept the new versions of my themes, but for whatever reasons they have refused to do so, even though the NEW versions are clearly working.So, I am giving up on this clearly incompetent and unhelpful organization here and will look for a website where to post the themes again.Please check: updates.Sorry for the inconvenience, but my lie does NOT revolve around accommodating's weirdnesses . . .

Category Categories: Animals

Download FireCat OceanPaws [Firefox theme] Install: FireCat OceanPaws

FireCat OceanPaws preview

FireCat OceanPaws:
FireCat OceanPaws



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