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Looks Familiar

This theme should look familiar to anyone who has used Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP.

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 2.0 - 2.0.0.* ALL

Notes / Comments: I have posted a new version of this theme, version 1.2, which is the best version ever of this theme. If it is not up yet please be patient. Yes, this is an Internet Explorer 6 theme, and yes, most Firefox aficianados hate Internet Explorer. But I am not the first to make an Internet Explorer 6 theme for Firefox. Bamm Gabriana and Chris Cook both did it in the past, but neither of them made a theme for Firefox 2. I was waiting for somebody else to do it, until I finally got fed up and decided to take matters into my own hands by making my own theme. This theme is based on the Firefox 2 default theme, and still has many things the same as in that theme. It is a work in progress, something I made for myself and my family just to see if I could do it, and when I found out I could, I decided it would be best to be generous and share my theme with the world. If you like it, great! Use it! If you hate it, even better! Use somebody else's theme! I am just happy to give you one more choice to choose from, to help widen the selection of themes available.And I hope this theme can help win converts from Internet Explorer to Firefox, people who are too stubborn to adapt to a new user interface. Of course, the converts are not won on the site Anyone on this site probably has Firefox already installed. For this theme to help win Firefox converts, I need people like you to go out and get your friends, family, everyone you know to use Firefox. And if they don't like the way Firefox 2 looks, since they are used to Internet Explorer 6, see if this theme can help change their minds. The only way I could get my parents to use Firefox was by installing Chris Cook's Luna theme to make it look like IE6. I am sure you can find someone like that too. We must save them before they are infected by the computer virus known as "Internet Explorer 7".

Category Categories: Compact, Miscellaneous, Modern, OS Integration, Retro

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Looks Familiar:
Looks Familiar

Looks Familiar:
Looks Familiar



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